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the life of a mother with youth

Wednesday, August 18, 2004
first day is the humpiest...

Wouldn't ya know that Isaac started school on a Wens? We got up this morning, before the alarm went off that I set just to make sure, and had coffee. While dressing, I explained to him that he needed to be a good boy, use his manners, remember to potty and follow directions. He quickly reminded me that he needed to ride the school bus too. We were ready by 7:30am and the bus wasn't scheduled for another 30 minutes so we hung around and I tried my damnest to give him 8 hours worth of loving but he is so independent and told me to, "lay off Mom." *sigh*

The school bus, an oversized van, pulled into the driveway shortly after 8:00am. Isaac was a little disappointed that it wasn't bright yellow with kids hanging out of the windows. The chick opened the door, Isaac climbed in and sat in his seat. The chick and I chatted for a brief moment and when she turned to buckle Isaac in, he had already done it his self.
"Wow Isaac, you are so smart." She told him.
"Thank you but I already know that, let's go." He replied.

The look on her face was priceless. By 8:30am I was resisting calling the school to see how he was. Nicholas wasn't much help, he only smiled and sucked all day. In an attempt to not be the "Over protective, too concerned" mother, I started doing what I do best, cleaning. Every since the Magic Eraser thing, I've developed an obsession to washing every wall in this house and today I got half of them done. Time crept by while I anxiously waited for Isaac's arrival. I pictured him jumping off of the bus and wrapping his little arms around my thigh as he excitedly told me about his day and all of his new friends. Instead I got a...
"Hi Mommy, did you check the mail already?"

I tried to have a conversation with him about his first day at school and he was more concerned about the fact that the bus is really a van. I ask him if he missed me and he replied, "ummmmmmmm *long pause* nope." Little shit.

We went for a short visit at Mom's and then to the library. I've decided that Isaac has probably heard his books too many times it was time to get a library card. Isaac got his own library card and refused to be quiet in the library but it was empty so no one seemed to mind. When we got home, I cooked and cleaned the kitchen, gave baths and the boys were asleep by 8:30pm.

~~interesting day


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