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the life of a mother with youth

Monday, August 02, 2004
asshole is puckered and whistling dixie...

Prepare yourselves for the first bitch fest on this blog. If you are weak, meek, timid or have stomach complications, please wait for tomorrow's post. I'm sure I'll be over it by then.

First of all...
Tim is home. Most women love their husbands being home, certainly if you love your husband as much as I do. This week though, he is just rubbing me the wrong way. I love my husband so much that I can't stand the sight of him this week. I couldn't sleep last night due to his obnoxious snoring and tossing in the bed. 5:30 AM came, in many ways, not a minute too soon. I was up and ready for the day, coffee in one hand and a smoke in the other. He'll go back to work tomorrow night.

The modem...
I was on the phone at 9:00 AM with Sprint, trying to track down my modem or at least get a resolution to the problem that I didn't have my modem yet. 3 hours total of hold, 3 dumbasses, 4 supervisors and 1 millimeter of patience left, the tech guy was here to install the modem that I didn't have. As I let him in, I was still on hold with a Sprint Supervisor that didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I explained to the tech guy that I was a hair away from breaking bad on someone and he told me to hang up, let him have the phone and my modem would be here before he could do the wiring for the DSL. I agreed and it was done. His supervisor delivered a modem before he could get the wiring done and I was happy, until of course, I opened the box and discovered that the modem didn't use a USB cable but Ethernet instead. I could have screamed!

The Appointment...
Nicholas and I had a "well check" today. I had to wait in a public waiting area with snotty nosed kids who thought it was funny to draw with their snot on the walls. I was afraid to touch anything and I didn't dare put Nicholas down. After a 30 minutes wait, I was finally led into a "Breastfeeding Room." It was here that I spent the next 30 minutes watching a fucking retarded ass video on "How to feed a baby." HELLO?!?!?! I am not a first time mother or an ignorant mother. I've been there, done that and replaced the carrot stained t-shirt. I know how, when, where and what to look for when introducing foods. At least I wasn't in the snot covered waiting area. Nicholas weighs 14lbs 11oz now, so ya know.

Ethernet Cards...
Ok, so the modem is useless without an installed Ethernet card in my PC. God could my day get any worse? After our appointment, we came back home to pick Tim and Isaac up but they ended up not going. Isaac had went to sleep at 4:00 PM. Holy shit! If the kid sleeps past 2:00 PM, he doesn't want to go to bed until 11:00 PM and I've been up since 5:30 AM with little to no sleep. Who do you think is going to sit up with him? Anyways, so we go to Staples and tolerate the minimum wage stupid fucks and pay way too much for an Ethernet card with a card that probably doesn't have enough in the bank to cover it. Yay, I get to go to the bank twice this week. I make it home without running over any grandmothers that really shouldn't be driving because they read the Speed Limit Sign : 22 instead of 55. I immediately start dinner, it's 5:00 PM now and dinner is at 6:00 PM. Spaghetti - something not stressful, yeah right. Tim wants to go ahead and install the Ethernet card to make sure that the DSL works and I try to explain to him that it doesn't matter at this point if it doesn't work because it is now after hours. He doesn't care and I have to begin installation of this Ethernet card with Nicholas on my titty, food cooking on the stove, Isaac needing help with getting his pants up and Tim up my ass. It didn't go well. So I call technical support and select #1 for English and I get some foreigner that doesn't speak English and shame on me but I said, "listen Gook, get me someone that speaks English, NOW." I know, I know and it is so unlike me. Needless to say, someone that spoke perfect English couldn't help me so I told them how worthless they were and hung up.

The Modem...
Once again, I'm on the phone with Sprint, explaining the problem with the Network Adapter and for once, I get someone that speaks English, knows what he is doing and is obviously trained to handle women that are on the verge of killing someone. Flawless and in minutes, he gets my network problem solved, my modem installed and me online.

The nighttime thing...
Dinner was good but I couldn't enjoy it due to my lovely husband smacking. I swear he was swallowing it whole. Sick bastard. Isaac wouldn't eat because he saw a mushroom in the spaghetti. Nicholas was an angel but getting exhausted quick and he was on the verge of biting my nipple off. After dinner, I clear the plates and get the boys in the bath. Isaac can tell that I'm about to explode and he tried to help me as much as he can but he ended up in the way. He gets a gold star tomorrow for effort. Nicholas loved his bath, we were both soaking wet. Tim is absorbed in his western and offers no help. Where did my wonderful hubby go?

The kids are in the bed, asleep. Tim is on the couch, still watching westerns - through his eye lids. I am so pissed that I can barely smoke without biting the filter off. This day was an absolute nightmare and I'm so pumped that I couldn't possibly go to sleep. I can't find other blogs : the happy ones will piss me off more, the pissy ones will set this bitchfest in deeper and the sad ones make me wanna slap the owner and say, "HEY, that's fucking life, deal with it!"

~~dealing with it



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