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the life of a mother with youth

Thursday, August 19, 2004
apparently he likes school...

This morning, Isaac was up at the ass crack of dawn, I don't normally get up until the rooster crows. He was dressed and woke me up with 2 coffee cups in his hand.
"I want coffee Momma." He whispered as he put his cold little hand on my left cheek.
"Isaac, go back to bed baby, its still dark out."
"I'm dressed Momma, I am not going back to bed, I want coffee." He was still whispering.
"Why are you whispering Isaac?"
"I don't want to wake Nicholas up and we can have coffee and watch the sun." Still whispering to me.

What's a mom to do? Roll over or get up? I got up, stumbled into the kitchen and had to press the ON button on the coffee pot for the first time since my darling hubby bought me a digital coffee pot. Isaac served me my cigarettes and sat down beside me, patiently waiting for coffee. We drank coffee and watched the sun come up, my eyes opened wider as it rose. Soon the bus came to pick him up and he was gone. All I got was a "thank you for the coffee Momma, bye." Little shit.

Nicholas slept most of the day today. It is normal for babies to go through a growth spurt at around 4 months old. Nicholas will be 4 months tomorrow. During typical growth spurts, babies eat and sleep and that is about all. It was a change. For the first time since before Nicholas was born, I truly had no one to hold, change, feed or love on. It was weird. What did I do with my new found freedom? Cleaned, what else is there?

Nicholas and I waited for the bus to bring us Isaac. We sat outside in a chair on the porch and watched the cars go by. It wasn't long before the van (bus) was in the driveway and Nicholas and I were at the end of the sidewalk helping him out. He waved bye to the (bus)van driver and wanted to know if I had checked the mail. We had a quiet evening and he ate really good. After baths, I read him and Nicholas "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. It was my favorite book when I was a child and Isaac enjoyed it too.



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