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Thursday, July 22, 2004
visiting neighbors, cleaning and litterbox diary...

I know that I've told you about my neighbors on my right, the lady with the dog and her hubby the perv, and if you will recall, I've said that the neighbors on the left had not noticed us.  We have been officially noticed by the left neighbors, who consists of a very charming couple -- 92 year old man, Bill, and his 87 year old wife, Loraine.  They are so cute!  They still hold hands after 72 years of marriage.  He pecked on the door with his fragile, wrinkled knuckle and was as surprised to see me as I was to see him.  When I opened the door, he ask if my Mom was home.  *LAUGH* Can you image?  I thanked him for the compliment and invited him in.  Thank God I had been cleaning all morning and the house was fresh and clean.  I showed them into the living room where we all found a seat and had a nice little chat about being neighborly.  *LAUGHING*  The are cute.  My grandpa was here and they had a lot to talk about, it was interesting from a "youngster's" perspective.

Great news!  I prefer going barefoot and these hardwood floors requires daily cleaning due to the fact that I can not stand for anything to get stuck to my foot.  I've been cleaning the floors everyday since we moved in and my cleaning time is now down to an hour!   Whew, its not all that bad anymore.   This makes it easier for me to clean the entire house and it not take me 2 days to do it!

Okay, so while cleaning the bathroom, I've discovered that a cat has been pissing behind my toilet.  I am pissed, so I whip and spray (water in spray bottle) both cats, Murphy and the newest rescue, Bing.  I explain to Murphy that I know he didn't do it but if he didn't want to get punished for it, he needed to litterbox train Bing.  He meowed at me and I agreed that it was time for me to clean the litterbox.  With fresh litter in the box, Murphy grabbed Bing up by the fat on his neck and put him in the litterbox and layed down in front of it.  I'm not sure how Bing liked this, as I was busy cleaning something else, but I did hear Murphy hiss a few times.  To my knowledge, Bing spent the day in the litterbox.  I guess this is Murphy's way to litterbox train Bing -- I hope it works.

Speaking of potty training, I have officially given up on all practical potty training aids.  I have tried everything from pull-ups to candy and I can not get Isaac to tell me before he leaves puddles everywhere.  I got online yesterday to do a little more research and try to find new methods and found PODs instead.  I think this is the one and we will all know when they arrive!  I hope they work, Isaac is entirely too old and too smart to still be in diapers.

~~enjoying the quiet


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