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Friday, July 23, 2004
unbelievably smooth and then a little shit...

I woke up this morning very happy for no reason.  My coffee pot didn't seem to take as long as it normally does to brew a full pot, my milk gallon was full, Isaac and Nicholas slept for a half of an hour after I got up.  I was able to enjoy, not 1 but 2 cups of coffee this morning without interruption.  The boys woke up happy also and Isaac went straight to the bathroom *woohoo*.  Breakfast consisted of pancakes and we all sat at the table together, happy.  Nicholas cheerfully gnawed on  his hand while Isaac and I put down the pancakes and coffee.  The cats were found nestled together under a blanket that is used for Nicholas a pallet during the day.  The house was spotless before 10am and I'm almost done with laundry.  I've already been to town with Austin, Isaac and Nicholas and it went quietly and quickly.  Dish Network installers were early and left me an extra brand new remote control, which was originally lost and is supposed to cost $49.00 to replace, for free!  I'm thinking that today must be Sunday -- that's how uneventful it is but I know it is Friday and it worries me that I no longer have a day to complain about lol.  Never fear faithful bloggers, I will again be complaining about Friday's next Friday because I get to use a whole check for the house payment *laughing*.

Ok, so Mom calls and invites the kids and I to eat pizza at a local parlor, I agree and meet her as planned.  Isaac, for some ungodly reason, decided to go buck wild in the pizza place.  I tell him to sit, eat, laugh and act like I raised him.  He straight out tells me "no" then proceeds to climb out of our booth into the next one.  I'm feeding Nicholas and basically pinned in so I called him down the entire time that I'm trying to get out of the booth.  Each time he sasses me and I've had it.  I finally break free of the booth and lay Nicholas in his car seat.  Finally, I gently take Isaac's hand, convincing him that I am going to show him the bathroom.  He is overly excited and actually leads me in.  Once inside, I start lecturing him on how to behave and tell him that I will whip him next time that I have to calm him down.  To make sure that he understood, I ask him to repeat what I said and he said, "bashroom is nice, I'm not acting nice."  Ok, so it is a 3 year old translation but hey, he got the just or so I thought.  As soon as we got out of the bathroom, he went wild again.  I ask him, "Isaac, do you want to go to the bathroom again?"  He looked at me, a big grin came over his face and he started jumping up and down, "ya, I wanna go to the bashroom!" I couldn't help but laugh.  Calmly again, I led him into the bathroom, lectured him again and tapped his diaper.  Holy moly, you would have thought I tried to kill him.  He came out of the bathroom screaming across the parlor to his grandma, "Gramma, Momma hit my butt, help me." 

Deeply I sigh, tired and overcome with laughter.  Now I wonder, should I stay at home until he learns how to behave in public or put him into public situations more often.  These are one of the questions that the parenting book left out.  Either way, I can not whip him and expect him to be quiet about it - he'll tell everyone that I did it. 



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