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Tuesday, July 13, 2004
teeth, nipples, aches and frustrations...

The new day brought many more additions to the obvious moving situation. The house is in fairly good order due in part to my loving husband.

Nicholas is almost 3 months old now and is beginning to teeth. His gums are swollen and red, poor baby. As a result of this, he finds gnawing on my nipples soothing and tries to do so often. This gnawing is very painful and requires me to pull him off of my breast, hear him scream, explain "no no", give him the breast back and the cycle repeats. I've consulted my online source for breastfeeding how-to's, La Leche League, for a solution to the biting problem and found that children can not bite if they are truly sucking because of the position of their tongue. Interesting stuff right? Tomorrow I have a plan to breastfeed as usual but try to sooth his gums before and after with a cold washcloths. Hopefully this will solve both of our problems - his gums and my sore nipples.

The screaming of your own child when he/she is in pain is truly painful. Especially when you slept wrong the night before and your neck is stiff and causing a headache. I've taken tylenol and received no relief. I am convinced that a good night rest will help me with this headache. Should it not be gone by tomorrow, a quick visit to my chiropractor will definitely get the job done.

As I stated above, the house is looking better but now it requires daily maintenance to keep its beauty. Tomorrow I look forward to sweeping all of the hardwood floors, toilets, shower, emptying trash cans and the list goes on but it is of the basic domestic goddess variety.

~~waiting for Calgon to take me away


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