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Thursday, July 29, 2004
piss on rocks!...

Today has been normal again. Isaac's PODs came yesterday and I waited until today to try them. This morning when he got up we went into the bathroom and he used the toilet. We brushed our teeth and got dressed. He ask me where his diaper was and I told him that he doesn't have any diapers and he never will again. He looked at me like I was joking and said, "we'll see about that!" I inserted the POD into Isaac's regular underwear and told him what would happen if he peed in his underwear.
"Isaac, you have to use the bathroom now when you need to pee or poop. If you pee or poop in your underwear it will hurt you. Got it?" I explained.

"Yeah yeah Momma" he responded. I laughed.

It wasn't a full hour after he had breakfast that he peed in his underwear. He looked at me with eyebrows pointed together. He had the "why are my balls hot" look on his face. He just stood there, like a zombie kind of and felt the heat getting hotter. I watched him, trying not to laugh. Finally he burst out, "help me Momma! It hurts!" I almost fell over I was laughing so hard. Then I explained to him that it would happen EVERY time he peed in his pants that he needed to go to the bathroom to avoid being hot. We changed the POD and went on with the day. He was using the bathroom on his OWN! The entire time I was thinking, "thank GOD for smart people that invent things like this!"

We went to Mom's this afternoon and were outside for a little while. While outside, Isaac recognized the urge to potty and told me to carry him to the bathroom that he had to go. I laughed and told him to pee on a rock. I pointed to a rock and he looked at me like I was weird.
"pee on that rock?" he ask me with a puzzled look on his face.
"Doesn't matter, you can pee on any rock that you want to" I responded, again trying not to laugh.

He peed on the rock and it was the best thing for him. It wasn't long before he was peeing on everything outside, rocks, trees, bushes, the tires on Mom's truck. It was great for him. When he talked to his Daddy tonight on the phone he told him, "Daddy! I peed! I peed on the rocks and a tree and Grandma's truck wheels and the grass, ok bye bye Daddy." Tim was laughing so hard when I got the phone back. I'm sure he peed soon after that conversation.

Potty training has just gotten better! I recommend PODs to anyone who has tried and failed at potty training.

Nicholas is doing great. After a few more days with Isaac potty training, I'm going to start weaning Nicholas out of my bed. I know that it is the worst habit to start with a baby but I couldn't stand the thought of my little tiny baby in a bed all by his self in a new house. I've been putting him in the bed with me at nights for about 4 weeks now. He sleeps on his own during the day so at least it won't require a complete overhaul. I laid off of baby food for tonight. Now I need to wait to make sure he doesn't have a reaction to it and then we'll get to try squash! My baby is growing up! I noticed today that he is trying to sit on his own. He can sit on the floor by his self for about 10 second before he falls over. If he were 3 pounds heavier, I could put him in an upright car seat, instead of a carrier, and this would speed up the process some but he is not heavy enough to be in an upright car seat yet.

Tim just realized what yesterday was. I wouldn't remind him just in case he forgot. He thanked me for not telling him and apologized for not being here for me. I dealt with yesterday ok, better than last year that's for sure. Something else helped me with yesterday that I would have never expected. I answered the questions of a couple who had recently lost a child. The questions that they ask were not necessarily about Audrey but what happened after that. Some examples are:
"How long did you wait before having another child?"
"Any advice on how to deal with things?"
"Knowing what you know now, would you have waited longer before having another child?"
"How did you deal with your loss?"

It helped.

~~much better thank you


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