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Thursday, July 29, 2004
oh yeah...

While in the farmhouse, I had and enjoyed DSL. Since we have moved, I've tried and tried to get DSL but no one offers it here, damn it! So I was forced to get dial-up service and after not being able to connect faster than 28,800 BPS, I called Sprint to make sure that the line was set up for data transfer. The service tech came out yesturday and told me that it wasn't the line. I was totally bummed and described my problem to him. The good thing is that Sprint requires a mileage log and I was 1/2 mile inside of the cutoff for DSL availablity. He called his supervisor, who turned DSL on the switch box that I get my telephone service through. WOOHOO! DSL will be installed Monday of next week and I can NOT wait.

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