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Sunday, July 25, 2004
joys and tears...

I love my children. They are everything to me and I would do anything to keep them happy. My adventure today involves the floor, baby powders, a swiffer, the cats, a laundry basket and a dash of insanity.

This morning, I had the usual coffee start with Isaac, all was well. He actually laid down easy for a nap and fell asleep so quickly that I thought .oO Hey, I'll get me a nap in today too! Oo. Nicholas and I curled up together in my bed and were asleep as quick as Isaac did. Only we actually went to sleep and Isaac was faking it because I woke up an hour later to the "help" meows of Murphy. I jumped out of the bed and ran into see what was wrong with Murphy. Isaac had Murphy under a clothes basket that had been flipped upside down. I paid no attention to the strong smell of baby powders tickling my nose as I unflipped the basket and swooped Murphy into my arms to love on him a little. As I yelled for Isaac, I paused at the strong scent again and went to seek it out. It didn't take but a second for my eyes to focus on the floor and the white footprints on it.

ok, I'm laughing too hard to finish this, I will do so in the morning though *laughing* In the meantime - what do you think happened?


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