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Monday, July 26, 2004
it only gets better...

With the house warming party scheduled for this evening, I woke up this morning with an agenda and a tight schedule. I knew exactly what I needed to do to get ready before the guests arrived.

The Bank!
My first stop of the morning was the online banking center to check the balance on our account. I almost shit a brick when I saw the balance in the negative. I immediately went through, comparing my records to theirs and found MANY errors on their part that had cost me a fair amount of money. After 2 hours and a few threats on my part, I was able to educate the bank on their mistakes, help them fix them and get our money back plus some.
Problem Solved!

The Phone Service Provider!
Due to the problem at the bank and my rising impatience, I noticed that I was lagging online while flipping between the online banking pages. While on hold with the bank, I checked my connection speed and it was 28800BPM - for those of you who don't know, that's slow as hell - regular mail arrives before this speed does. Then I was told that someone at the bank would call back in about 30 minutes, so I called my phone service provider and ask the repair guy a few questions.
"Is my second line set up for voice or data transfer?" I asked.
"uh, it says 'voice' on my screen." answered the technician.
"This second line is specifically for my fax machine and internet connection, I asked for a data transfer lime to speed up transaction times, why do I have a 'voice' line?" I calmly asked.
"Looks to me like someone messed up." Well no freaking shit your dork! GEEZ!
"Ok, I don't know what is going on down there but I want my second line to be data transfer, as I requested on my original order, this repair will be free of all charges and it will happen no later than lunch time tomorrow, sound ok to you?" I demanded.
"11:45am tomorrow a good appointment time for you?" he asked, with a shaky voice.
"great! See you then, oh and this is free of charge correct?" I inquired.
"absolutely" he assured me.

Problem solved!

The Party...
We invited 20 people that are more than friends, they are family to us. Originally, we planned a b-b-q outside but the weather disagreed and forced us back in. The party was scheduled to begin at 6:00PM and by 7:00PM, the only person that showed was my mother. We got a few calls saying that it was raining too badly and they didn't want to get out in the weather. I completely understand the weather thing but why does it have to do so on a day that I so terribly do not want to reschedule?
Party rescheduled!

Nicholas and food...
This afternoon, I gave Nicholas a "bitter biscuit" to aid him break those 2 little teeth in as soon as possible. He LOVED it! And tonight was the first time Nicholas has ever eaten baby food. We started him baby foods as directed by his pediatrician. I chose green beans and squash to be his first two veggies, which happen to be my favorites. He ate about 10 good mouth fulls and wasn't too gross about it.
Pictures coming soon!

~getting it done


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