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Saturday, July 31, 2004
a good ole dose of nature...

Every since Isaac has ventured into the land of potties, he has discovered that nature is great and always ready to be watered. Thus far, he has spread his scent on rocks, trees, flowers, bushes, Mom's truck tire and for the first time today, a mud puddle. After peeing in the mud puddle he said, "there ya go, all full." I couldn't help but laugh. I am proud to report that since the PODs, Isaac has only wet his self one time and that was today at Mom's. He had been off to town with my dad and had to go when he got back, only he couldn't get the door open fast enough and I couldn't get to the door fast enough. As I opened the door, he was peeing and said, "I sorry Momma." I gave him gum anyway because he was beating on the door with both hands screaming, "Momma, I gotta PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Poor baby tried.

We took a nature walk today looking for burdock root. This is a root with many healing possibilities and the one that I am interested in is the teething pain relief for small children. Find the plant, dig the root, wash it in a solution of 3/4 water and 1/4 alcohol, let it dry and then string it, putting a snap on each end. Put it around the neck of a child with teething pain and instantly the pain is gone. No, I am not joking. Nicholas now has his burdock necklace and doing great. Some of you may wonder about the safety of such a device around the neck of an infant. Do not fear. The snaps hold the necklace until it is pulled on. Should it get hung on anything, it will come off.

After spending the majority of the day outside, both of the boys were completely ready for their baths and beds. Isaac was out 5 minutes after he laid down and Nicholas may have taken 10 minutes.

~~life is good


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