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Thursday, July 15, 2004
bob and me...

*whistling the theme song for Enzyte*  I hope you all have had the opportunity to see the Enzyte commercial featuring Bob, especially the one that makes reference to wood.  I feel exactly like Bob, not in that I took a pill and it enabled me to get ass, but that I don't have a complete understanding of my wood.  My wood consists of my hardwood floors, brand new and shiny - or they were.  Now that everything is unpacked and in a place, my house was looking messy.  Messy like I hoped no one would drop by messy.  After looking at it with my blurry morning eyes, I decided to clean up the mess.
I started cleaning in the big living room, fondly called the "adult space."  I straightened the covers on the sofa and chair, then dusted and picked all of the toys up, delivering them to Isaac's toy box in his room.  I finished up by putting all of the glasses that my company used in the kitchen to be washed.  Since I said that I have to ask, why can't people use the same glass over and over?  Why must they use a different glass every single time that they get something to drink?  Anyways, after the clutter was cleared and everything was in its place, I noticed that the floor wasn't shining as much as it should so I set out to clean, for the very first time, my brand new hardwood floors.  I sat down the the pamphlet that was left by the installers and read each panel carefully.  I learned that with my particular hardwood, that you should never wax it, sweep it daily and use a special cleanser by lightly spraying it on an 8ft x 8ft section and then use a special tool to wipe it up.  This will keep the "luster."   
Newly educated, I set out to find the special cleanser and tool to use and I actually found it in the place that it was supposed to be *go me!*.  I used the stingy mop to "sweep" up everything, then cleaned the floor as directed by the pamphlet.  It totally worked but it took me all day to do 2 rooms of the house!  I am now thinking 'why did I so want hardwood floors?' because I didn't know how much more work they are than carpet.  Sure, the spills are easier but sweeping everyday doesn't enthuse me at all.  I will have to sweep daily due to the fact that I can't stand a mess.
I did manage to get the kitchen completely cleaned up today though.  It didn't take long, except for the floor *lol* which oddly enough is NOT hardwood.  It is the linoleum stuff.  I would have to guess that the reason it took so long is because someone, I'm thinking hubby, tried to sweep the walkways after they mowed Tuesday and decided that it wasn't a good idea, and left grass in my broom.  Everytime I thought I had the floor swept good enough, grass would be all over the place.  I ended up sweeping, mopping, sweeping again and mopping again.  I've never been accused of taking the easy route!
My accomplishments don't seem that much to me today.  The "front" of the house is clean, spotless really.  However, I haven't mentioned the visitors, family, extra kid, teething pain of infant and breast duties.  I could go into it but I'm sure that you're not in any hurry to see a description of my nipples so I will skip this for today. *lol*  In short, the kids are happy, the house is half way spotless, the family is content and I am one tired Momma.


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