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the life of a mother with youth

Saturday, July 31, 2004
a good ole dose of nature...

Every since Isaac has ventured into the land of potties, he has discovered that nature is great and always ready to be watered. Thus far, he has spread his scent on rocks, trees, flowers, bushes, Mom's truck tire and for the first time today, a mud puddle. After peeing in the mud puddle he said, "there ya go, all full." I couldn't help but laugh. I am proud to report that since the PODs, Isaac has only wet his self one time and that was today at Mom's. He had been off to town with my dad and had to go when he got back, only he couldn't get the door open fast enough and I couldn't get to the door fast enough. As I opened the door, he was peeing and said, "I sorry Momma." I gave him gum anyway because he was beating on the door with both hands screaming, "Momma, I gotta PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Poor baby tried.

We took a nature walk today looking for burdock root. This is a root with many healing possibilities and the one that I am interested in is the teething pain relief for small children. Find the plant, dig the root, wash it in a solution of 3/4 water and 1/4 alcohol, let it dry and then string it, putting a snap on each end. Put it around the neck of a child with teething pain and instantly the pain is gone. No, I am not joking. Nicholas now has his burdock necklace and doing great. Some of you may wonder about the safety of such a device around the neck of an infant. Do not fear. The snaps hold the necklace until it is pulled on. Should it get hung on anything, it will come off.

After spending the majority of the day outside, both of the boys were completely ready for their baths and beds. Isaac was out 5 minutes after he laid down and Nicholas may have taken 10 minutes.

~~life is good

Friday, July 30, 2004
politics and potty training...

From ALMTTR posting for today.
DNC Gaffe

As john Kerry ended his speech last night, CNN was live on air when DNC Convention Director Don Mischer shouted the following, heard worldwide.

"Go balloons, go balloons! Go balloons! I don't see anything happening. Go balloons! Go balloons! Go balloons! Standby confetti. Keep coming, balloons. More balloons. Bring it- balloons, balloons, balloons! We want balloons, tons of them. Bring them down. Let them all come. No confetti. No confetti yet."

"No confetti. All right, go balloons, go balloons. We need more balloons. All balloons! All balloons! Keep going! Come on, guys, lets move it. Jesus! We need more balloons. I want all balloons to go, godd*mmit. Go confetti. Go confetti. More confetti. I want more balloons. What's happening to the balloons? We need more balloons."

"We need all of them coming down. Go balloons- balloons? What's happening balloons? There's not enough coming down! All balloons, what the hell! There's nothing falling! What the f**k are you guys doing up there? We want more balloons coming down, more balloons. More balloons. More balloons..."


Posted by Jeff

Ok, so potty training isn't all that different. Just replace "balloons" with "pee" and "confetti" with "poop".
"Go pee, go pee! Go pee! I don't see anything happening. Go pee! Go pee! Go pee! Standby poop. Keep coming, pee. More pee. Bring it- pee, pee, pee! We want pee, (cups) of (it). Bring (it) down. Let (it) all come. No poop. No poop yet."

"No poop. All right, go pee, go pee. We need more pee. All pee! All pee! Keep going! Come on, guys, lets move it. Jesus! We need more pee. I want all pee to go, godd*mmit. Go poop. Go poop. More poop. I want more pee. What's happening to the pee? We need more pee."

"We need all of (it) coming (out). Go pee- pee? What's happening pee? There's not enough coming (out)! All pee, what the hell! There's nothing falling! What the f**k are you guys doing (down) there? We want more pee coming (out), more pee. More pee. More pee..."

Fascinating isn't it?

Thursday, July 29, 2004
oh yeah...

While in the farmhouse, I had and enjoyed DSL. Since we have moved, I've tried and tried to get DSL but no one offers it here, damn it! So I was forced to get dial-up service and after not being able to connect faster than 28,800 BPS, I called Sprint to make sure that the line was set up for data transfer. The service tech came out yesturday and told me that it wasn't the line. I was totally bummed and described my problem to him. The good thing is that Sprint requires a mileage log and I was 1/2 mile inside of the cutoff for DSL availablity. He called his supervisor, who turned DSL on the switch box that I get my telephone service through. WOOHOO! DSL will be installed Monday of next week and I can NOT wait.

~~loving good news

piss on rocks!...

Today has been normal again. Isaac's PODs came yesterday and I waited until today to try them. This morning when he got up we went into the bathroom and he used the toilet. We brushed our teeth and got dressed. He ask me where his diaper was and I told him that he doesn't have any diapers and he never will again. He looked at me like I was joking and said, "we'll see about that!" I inserted the POD into Isaac's regular underwear and told him what would happen if he peed in his underwear.
"Isaac, you have to use the bathroom now when you need to pee or poop. If you pee or poop in your underwear it will hurt you. Got it?" I explained.

"Yeah yeah Momma" he responded. I laughed.

It wasn't a full hour after he had breakfast that he peed in his underwear. He looked at me with eyebrows pointed together. He had the "why are my balls hot" look on his face. He just stood there, like a zombie kind of and felt the heat getting hotter. I watched him, trying not to laugh. Finally he burst out, "help me Momma! It hurts!" I almost fell over I was laughing so hard. Then I explained to him that it would happen EVERY time he peed in his pants that he needed to go to the bathroom to avoid being hot. We changed the POD and went on with the day. He was using the bathroom on his OWN! The entire time I was thinking, "thank GOD for smart people that invent things like this!"

We went to Mom's this afternoon and were outside for a little while. While outside, Isaac recognized the urge to potty and told me to carry him to the bathroom that he had to go. I laughed and told him to pee on a rock. I pointed to a rock and he looked at me like I was weird.
"pee on that rock?" he ask me with a puzzled look on his face.
"Doesn't matter, you can pee on any rock that you want to" I responded, again trying not to laugh.

He peed on the rock and it was the best thing for him. It wasn't long before he was peeing on everything outside, rocks, trees, bushes, the tires on Mom's truck. It was great for him. When he talked to his Daddy tonight on the phone he told him, "Daddy! I peed! I peed on the rocks and a tree and Grandma's truck wheels and the grass, ok bye bye Daddy." Tim was laughing so hard when I got the phone back. I'm sure he peed soon after that conversation.

Potty training has just gotten better! I recommend PODs to anyone who has tried and failed at potty training.

Nicholas is doing great. After a few more days with Isaac potty training, I'm going to start weaning Nicholas out of my bed. I know that it is the worst habit to start with a baby but I couldn't stand the thought of my little tiny baby in a bed all by his self in a new house. I've been putting him in the bed with me at nights for about 4 weeks now. He sleeps on his own during the day so at least it won't require a complete overhaul. I laid off of baby food for tonight. Now I need to wait to make sure he doesn't have a reaction to it and then we'll get to try squash! My baby is growing up! I noticed today that he is trying to sit on his own. He can sit on the floor by his self for about 10 second before he falls over. If he were 3 pounds heavier, I could put him in an upright car seat, instead of a carrier, and this would speed up the process some but he is not heavy enough to be in an upright car seat yet.

Tim just realized what yesterday was. I wouldn't remind him just in case he forgot. He thanked me for not telling him and apologized for not being here for me. I dealt with yesterday ok, better than last year that's for sure. Something else helped me with yesterday that I would have never expected. I answered the questions of a couple who had recently lost a child. The questions that they ask were not necessarily about Audrey but what happened after that. Some examples are:
"How long did you wait before having another child?"
"Any advice on how to deal with things?"
"Knowing what you know now, would you have waited longer before having another child?"
"How did you deal with your loss?"

It helped.

~~much better thank you

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

I made it through the day, barely. I'm going to go put both of my boys in the bed with me, turn on cartoons and cuddle with them.

~~can't wait until tomorrow

not an average day...

Today would have been our daughter's 5th birthday. Most people would be busy in their morning getting the house decorated for the party, rushing to the grocery store for the cake and other food to be served, dreading the appearance of 10-20 other 4 and 5 year olds and charging up the camera to capture it all. I'm not having a party, going to her grave or doing anything special to celebrate this day. Some would question "why?" and it is because her death was the single most tragic event in my life and I refuse to celebrate it. Visiting the covered hole where she was buried will only bring back feelings that I have tried so hard to forget. I will never fully forget the events but it helps me not to relive them in full color memory often.

~~I'll write more later

Tuesday, July 27, 2004
every mother's nightmare...

Despite everything that can happen to a child, there is one thing in particular that most mothers dread and that is their child growing up. The past week, Isaac has really tried my patience and nibbled on my nerve endings but today I realized that he was growing up and it was too late to stop it.

First thing this morning, Isaac jumps out of bed and runs to the bathroom. No one told him to go and the PODs aren't here yet. This impressed me. My mom and dad came over for breakfast this morning. I cooked bacon, eggs, homemade biscuits and my mom made gravy. Isaac didn't want the breakfast that I cooked and told me, "Momma, I want no eggs, I want oatmeal, the red kind." Strawberry cream oatmeal it was! He ate his bowl of oatmeal and helped his daddy eat his 3 eggs over medium. He insisted on underwear and had a few accidents but 2 of the 3 accidents were due to an occupied bathroom. Groovy!

As a result of Dish Network installing my 2cd receiver, Isaac has had cable in his room for a few days. Until now was not able watch it because he didn't have a TV. Today we bought him a 19 inch used TV for not very much money. He was totally excited about it and thanked us the entire way home, held the door open for his daddy to bring the TV and helped him set it up in his room. It was the cutest thing, Isaac laid on his bed while his daddy adjusted the TV on his dresser and he would say, "to the right daddy", "no, to the left", "there ya go, right there!"

Since Isaac was 1 year old, he has gotten a hair cut about every 5 or 6 weeks. I believe that if you make it important while they are young, they will grow up wanting to look acceptable. Isaac sat still for his original hairdresser, Mullette, but she wasn't available right before his second birthday so we had to go to a barber shop. A man named Kelly cut his hair and didn't do anything wrong, that I could tell, but every since then, Isaac has throw a complete and total fit each time we go near a place that cuts hair. It was so bad that people would actually say either, "that's ok, no charge for this one" or "I'm sorry but after all that, I need more than the posted cost." We always tipped big due to his behavior. I've always cut Tim's hair so 6 weeks ago, after I cut Tim's hair, he wrestled with Isaac for me to cut his hair. It took 2 of us, 2 pair of clippers, a wet cloth and a whole hour for me to cut his hair. Tonight, Tim wanted me to cut his hair and Isaac needed a hair cut very badly. The entire time that I cut Tim's hair, Isaac was in the corner of the "cartoon" room, screaming "no". I dreaded cutting his hair, I didn't think that I had enough energy to do it tonight but, to our amazement, he sat still! He cried the whole time and he had to sit on his daddy's lap but he held still and did exactly everything that I ask him to. It took all of 10 minutes! When I was finished with his hair, he jumped down off of his daddy's lap, grabbed my thigh, hugged it and said, "thanks Mom, that's better." I was so proud of him and let him know how proud I was. I don't keep candy around here so I gave him two pieces of gum as a reward for his behavior.

Nicholas is doing great. I have to admit that I am a little worried about his weight. He was 10lbs 10oz and 22 in long when he was born. He is a few days over 3 months now and he is 13lbs 7oz and 26 in long. It seems to me that he should be heavier than he is but the doctor and my breast consultant is completely satisfied with his weight gain and say that I should not be worried. He had green beans again tonight. You are only supposed to introduce new foods after you see how their little bodies react to the first food. So far, Nicholas loves green beans and his body likes it too. No reactions thus far!

~~feeling motherly

Monday, July 26, 2004
it only gets better...

With the house warming party scheduled for this evening, I woke up this morning with an agenda and a tight schedule. I knew exactly what I needed to do to get ready before the guests arrived.

The Bank!
My first stop of the morning was the online banking center to check the balance on our account. I almost shit a brick when I saw the balance in the negative. I immediately went through, comparing my records to theirs and found MANY errors on their part that had cost me a fair amount of money. After 2 hours and a few threats on my part, I was able to educate the bank on their mistakes, help them fix them and get our money back plus some.
Problem Solved!

The Phone Service Provider!
Due to the problem at the bank and my rising impatience, I noticed that I was lagging online while flipping between the online banking pages. While on hold with the bank, I checked my connection speed and it was 28800BPM - for those of you who don't know, that's slow as hell - regular mail arrives before this speed does. Then I was told that someone at the bank would call back in about 30 minutes, so I called my phone service provider and ask the repair guy a few questions.
"Is my second line set up for voice or data transfer?" I asked.
"uh, it says 'voice' on my screen." answered the technician.
"This second line is specifically for my fax machine and internet connection, I asked for a data transfer lime to speed up transaction times, why do I have a 'voice' line?" I calmly asked.
"Looks to me like someone messed up." Well no freaking shit your dork! GEEZ!
"Ok, I don't know what is going on down there but I want my second line to be data transfer, as I requested on my original order, this repair will be free of all charges and it will happen no later than lunch time tomorrow, sound ok to you?" I demanded.
"11:45am tomorrow a good appointment time for you?" he asked, with a shaky voice.
"great! See you then, oh and this is free of charge correct?" I inquired.
"absolutely" he assured me.

Problem solved!

The Party...
We invited 20 people that are more than friends, they are family to us. Originally, we planned a b-b-q outside but the weather disagreed and forced us back in. The party was scheduled to begin at 6:00PM and by 7:00PM, the only person that showed was my mother. We got a few calls saying that it was raining too badly and they didn't want to get out in the weather. I completely understand the weather thing but why does it have to do so on a day that I so terribly do not want to reschedule?
Party rescheduled!

Nicholas and food...
This afternoon, I gave Nicholas a "bitter biscuit" to aid him break those 2 little teeth in as soon as possible. He LOVED it! And tonight was the first time Nicholas has ever eaten baby food. We started him baby foods as directed by his pediatrician. I chose green beans and squash to be his first two veggies, which happen to be my favorites. He ate about 10 good mouth fulls and wasn't too gross about it.
Pictures coming soon!

~getting it done

Sunday, July 25, 2004
joys and tears...

I love my children. They are everything to me and I would do anything to keep them happy. My adventure today involves the floor, baby powders, a swiffer, the cats, a laundry basket and a dash of insanity.

This morning, I had the usual coffee start with Isaac, all was well. He actually laid down easy for a nap and fell asleep so quickly that I thought .oO Hey, I'll get me a nap in today too! Oo. Nicholas and I curled up together in my bed and were asleep as quick as Isaac did. Only we actually went to sleep and Isaac was faking it because I woke up an hour later to the "help" meows of Murphy. I jumped out of the bed and ran into see what was wrong with Murphy. Isaac had Murphy under a clothes basket that had been flipped upside down. I paid no attention to the strong smell of baby powders tickling my nose as I unflipped the basket and swooped Murphy into my arms to love on him a little. As I yelled for Isaac, I paused at the strong scent again and went to seek it out. It didn't take but a second for my eyes to focus on the floor and the white footprints on it.

ok, I'm laughing too hard to finish this, I will do so in the morning though *laughing* In the meantime - what do you think happened?

Saturday, July 24, 2004
another day in paradise...

*deep sigh*
I have had one of THOSE days.  The ones that you dread when you know they are coming, the same one that you love to watch end.  Instead of going in order of my events, we are going to try doing each person, I may not leave anything out that way. *laugh*

I love Isaac's charisma.  He is so full of energy, spunk and just enough curiosity to keep him in trouble with his overprotective mother.  I have learned, through numerous parenting resources, that children go through stages of trouble.  Isaac is now the following stages:

Your preschooler refuses to come to dinner when you call him, ignores your request to pick up his socks, and pushes his trucks down the stairs despite your repeated instructions not to. Why is he being so defiant?Believe it or not, if your preschooler is like most, he's much less selfish than he was at 2. He's also less dependent on you, a sign that his sense of identity is stronger and more secure. But that doesn't mean he's overcome his rebellious streak. In fact, "Defiance is how a preschooler asserts himself," says Susanne Ayers Denham, a professor of psychology at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. So when yours refuses to cooperate, he's basically saying, "I don't like your rules."

You ask your preschooler to put away his toy trucks because it's almost time to eat. But he keeps playing as though you'd never opened your mouth, or grunts "Okay" and plays on without budging. Why is he ignoring you?As preschoolers become more independent, they get better and better at tuning out what they don't want to hear. So try not to get too annoyed if your preschooler ignores you from time to time, says Roni Leiderman, associate dean of the Family Center at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale. Of course, at some point your child has to listen to you and get ready for dinner. The key is getting him to cooperate while giving him space to practice his newfound autonomy.

You're on the phone with a colleague when your preschooler tugs on your sleeve and bleats, "Mommy...Mommy!...MOMMY!!"Why doesn't she know that it's rude to interrupt? Because at this age, your preschooler's just beginning to realize that the world doesn't revolve around her. Not only that, her short-term memory isn't well developed, which means her impulse to say things right now, before she forgets, actually has a physiological basis. What's more, your preschooler's still figuring out that sometimes you have to finish tasks and talk to people without her involvement.The good news is that as her short-term memory improves and she becomes less impulsive, she will be more capable of holding onto a thought (though not for very long) while she waits for you to wrap up what you're doing. It's easy for adults to take for granted, but deciding when it's okay to cut in requires fairly high-level critical thinking. Among the things your child has to ponder when she wants to get a word in: Is it okay to interrupt when I'm hungry? When I need a tissue? When the sink is about to overflow? When the house is on fire? Understandably, these skills take time to develop, so try not to expect miracles.Of course, dealing with a preschooler who cuts in every time you're chatting with a friend or scheduling an appointment is exasperating. But if you keep her worldview in mind, it'll be easier to understand that she's not purposefully trying to irritate you. In the meantime, help your youngster form habits that will someday allow you to complete a sentence without stopping to admire the dead cricket shoved under your nose.

Experts say to deal with it this way:

Be understanding.If you ask your preschooler to come in for lunch and he yells, "Not now!" then cries when you make him come in anyway, try to put yourself in his shoes. If he's busy playing on the swings, give him a hug and tell him you know it's tough to leave, but lunch is ready. The idea is to show him that instead of being part of the problem, you're actually on his side. Try not to get angry (even if the neighbors are checking out the show your child's putting on). Be kind but firm about making him come in when he must.Set limits. Preschoolers need — and even want — limits, so set them and make sure your child knows what they are. Spell it out for him: "We don't hit each other," or "You must stay in bed after I tuck you in." If your youngster has problems abiding by the rules (as every preschooler does), work on solutions. If he hits his little sister because he's feeling left out at home, for instance, let him help you feed or bathe the baby, and find a way for him to have his own special time with you. If he gets out of bed because he's afraid of the dark, give him a flashlight to keep on his nightstand.Reinforce good behavior. Rather than paying attention to your preschooler only when he's misbehaving, try to catch him being good. When Suzi Prokell, of Richardson, Texas, spots her 4-year-old, Jacob, being nice to his little brother, Ryan, for instance, she goes out of her way to encourage him.And though you may be sorely tempted to give your child a verbal lashing when he engages in less-desirable antics, hold your tongue. "When a child behaves badly, he already feels terrible," says Jane Nelsen, author of Positive Time-Out and 50 Other Ways to Avoid Power Struggles in Homes and Classrooms. "Where did we ever get the idea that in order to make children do better, we first have to make them feel worse?" In fact, doing so may only produce more negative behavior.Remember, too, that disciplining your preschooler doesn't mean controlling him — it means teaching him to control himself. Punishment might incite him to behave, but only because he's afraid not to. It's best for your child to do the right thing because he wants to — because it makes the day more fun for him or makes him feel good.Use time-out — positively. When your preschooler's at the end of his rope, ready to bust a gasket because he isn't getting his way, help him cool off. Rather than a punitive time-out ("Go to your room!"), take him to a comfy sofa in the den or to a favorite corner of his bedroom. Maybe he'd even like to design a "time-out place" himself — with a big pillow, a soft blanket, and a few favorite books. If he refuses to go to his time-out spot, offer to go with him and read a story. If he still refuses, go yourself just to chill out. You'll not only set a good example, you might get the break you need. Once you both feel better, that's the time to talk to him about appropriate behavior.Empower your preschooler. Providing opportunities for your youngster to make his own choices allows him to strut some of his newfound autonomy in a controlled environment. Instead of demanding that he put on the jeans you've selected, for instance, let him choose between two pairs you've laid out. Ask if he'd like peas or green beans with dinner, and a story or a song at bedtime.Another way to help your youngster feel more in control is to tell him what he can do instead of what he can't. Rather than saying, "No! Don't swing the bat in the house!" say, "Let's go outside and practice batting." If he wants an ice-cream cone before dinner, tell him he can have a slice of cheese — or let him choose between cheese and an apple.Choose your battles. If your fashion-savvy preschooler wants to wear his green sweatshirt with his orange shorts, what do you care? If he wants waffles for lunch and peanut butter and jelly for breakfast, what's the harm? Sometimes it's easier to just look the other way — when he splashes in the mud puddle on the way home, for example, or stuffs his puppet under his bed instead of putting it on the proper shelf.Distract and divert. Avoid situations that might spark your preschooler's defiant streak. Why risk taking him to your sister's newly carpeted, lavishly decorated apartment when you can just meet her for a picnic in the park? How realistic is it to expect him to behave in a fancy restaurant or during an hour-long community meeting? If you happen to find yourself in a tricky situation, though, use distraction to avoid a head-on collision with your child. If you're walking through the mall and spy a toy store that tends to send your kid into a conniption fit, for instance, quickly steer him in a different direction or divert his attention toward the water fountain ("Wow, Jason, look at that fountain! Want to throw in a penny and make a wish?").Respect his age and stage. When you ask your preschooler to make his bed or sweep the porch, make sure he knows how. Take time to teach him new tasks, and do them together until he really gets the hang of it. Sometimes what looks like defiance is simply the inability to follow through on a responsibility that's too difficult for him.Finally, respect the unique world your preschooler lives in, especially the way he perceives time (or doesn't). Rather than expecting him to jump up from a game at preschool to get in the car, give him a few minutes' notice to help him switch gears. ("Aaron, we're leaving in five minutes, so please finish up.") There's no guarantee that he'll break away from his fun without complaint — in fact, he'll probably grouse all the way home. But as long as you're patient and consistent, your youngster will eventually learn that defiance isn't the way to get what he wants.

*deep sigh*
Patience is on the "near to extinct" list around here but I'm trying! I think I need more patience reading how "experts" say to deal with these situations than I need to deal with Isaac. I wonder if these "experts" even have children and if so, how they turned out. I am free spirited and very independent, so is Tim, so the fact that our son is does not surprise me at all. I would love for my children to be as free spirited and independent as we are but complete with manners and morals. I'm walking a fine line here and days like today make me feel like I should have put up a safety net.

Mr. Nicholas is a very loving child. There is not place on earth that he would rather be than on my chest. He doesn't even have to be eating anymore, he just wants to hang out on me all of the time and I, obviously, can not do that. Since I didn't blog when Isaac was this small, I've forgotten when he grew out of this but each day, I give myself a little more time to do things. I started today - 5 minutes for him in his swing or walker at various times. If he cried, he cried. If he didn't, he didn't.

"The limits a person can handle are not set until they reproduce." ~me

Friday, July 23, 2004
unbelievably smooth and then a little shit...

I woke up this morning very happy for no reason.  My coffee pot didn't seem to take as long as it normally does to brew a full pot, my milk gallon was full, Isaac and Nicholas slept for a half of an hour after I got up.  I was able to enjoy, not 1 but 2 cups of coffee this morning without interruption.  The boys woke up happy also and Isaac went straight to the bathroom *woohoo*.  Breakfast consisted of pancakes and we all sat at the table together, happy.  Nicholas cheerfully gnawed on  his hand while Isaac and I put down the pancakes and coffee.  The cats were found nestled together under a blanket that is used for Nicholas a pallet during the day.  The house was spotless before 10am and I'm almost done with laundry.  I've already been to town with Austin, Isaac and Nicholas and it went quietly and quickly.  Dish Network installers were early and left me an extra brand new remote control, which was originally lost and is supposed to cost $49.00 to replace, for free!  I'm thinking that today must be Sunday -- that's how uneventful it is but I know it is Friday and it worries me that I no longer have a day to complain about lol.  Never fear faithful bloggers, I will again be complaining about Friday's next Friday because I get to use a whole check for the house payment *laughing*.

Ok, so Mom calls and invites the kids and I to eat pizza at a local parlor, I agree and meet her as planned.  Isaac, for some ungodly reason, decided to go buck wild in the pizza place.  I tell him to sit, eat, laugh and act like I raised him.  He straight out tells me "no" then proceeds to climb out of our booth into the next one.  I'm feeding Nicholas and basically pinned in so I called him down the entire time that I'm trying to get out of the booth.  Each time he sasses me and I've had it.  I finally break free of the booth and lay Nicholas in his car seat.  Finally, I gently take Isaac's hand, convincing him that I am going to show him the bathroom.  He is overly excited and actually leads me in.  Once inside, I start lecturing him on how to behave and tell him that I will whip him next time that I have to calm him down.  To make sure that he understood, I ask him to repeat what I said and he said, "bashroom is nice, I'm not acting nice."  Ok, so it is a 3 year old translation but hey, he got the just or so I thought.  As soon as we got out of the bathroom, he went wild again.  I ask him, "Isaac, do you want to go to the bathroom again?"  He looked at me, a big grin came over his face and he started jumping up and down, "ya, I wanna go to the bashroom!" I couldn't help but laugh.  Calmly again, I led him into the bathroom, lectured him again and tapped his diaper.  Holy moly, you would have thought I tried to kill him.  He came out of the bathroom screaming across the parlor to his grandma, "Gramma, Momma hit my butt, help me." 

Deeply I sigh, tired and overcome with laughter.  Now I wonder, should I stay at home until he learns how to behave in public or put him into public situations more often.  These are one of the questions that the parenting book left out.  Either way, I can not whip him and expect him to be quiet about it - he'll tell everyone that I did it. 


Thursday, July 22, 2004
visiting neighbors, cleaning and litterbox diary...

I know that I've told you about my neighbors on my right, the lady with the dog and her hubby the perv, and if you will recall, I've said that the neighbors on the left had not noticed us.  We have been officially noticed by the left neighbors, who consists of a very charming couple -- 92 year old man, Bill, and his 87 year old wife, Loraine.  They are so cute!  They still hold hands after 72 years of marriage.  He pecked on the door with his fragile, wrinkled knuckle and was as surprised to see me as I was to see him.  When I opened the door, he ask if my Mom was home.  *LAUGH* Can you image?  I thanked him for the compliment and invited him in.  Thank God I had been cleaning all morning and the house was fresh and clean.  I showed them into the living room where we all found a seat and had a nice little chat about being neighborly.  *LAUGHING*  The are cute.  My grandpa was here and they had a lot to talk about, it was interesting from a "youngster's" perspective.

Great news!  I prefer going barefoot and these hardwood floors requires daily cleaning due to the fact that I can not stand for anything to get stuck to my foot.  I've been cleaning the floors everyday since we moved in and my cleaning time is now down to an hour!   Whew, its not all that bad anymore.   This makes it easier for me to clean the entire house and it not take me 2 days to do it!

Okay, so while cleaning the bathroom, I've discovered that a cat has been pissing behind my toilet.  I am pissed, so I whip and spray (water in spray bottle) both cats, Murphy and the newest rescue, Bing.  I explain to Murphy that I know he didn't do it but if he didn't want to get punished for it, he needed to litterbox train Bing.  He meowed at me and I agreed that it was time for me to clean the litterbox.  With fresh litter in the box, Murphy grabbed Bing up by the fat on his neck and put him in the litterbox and layed down in front of it.  I'm not sure how Bing liked this, as I was busy cleaning something else, but I did hear Murphy hiss a few times.  To my knowledge, Bing spent the day in the litterbox.  I guess this is Murphy's way to litterbox train Bing -- I hope it works.

Speaking of potty training, I have officially given up on all practical potty training aids.  I have tried everything from pull-ups to candy and I can not get Isaac to tell me before he leaves puddles everywhere.  I got online yesterday to do a little more research and try to find new methods and found PODs instead.  I think this is the one and we will all know when they arrive!  I hope they work, Isaac is entirely too old and too smart to still be in diapers.

~~enjoying the quiet

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
how to get what you want, when you want it

It has been 2 weeks since we were in the new house and 2 weeks since Dish Network completed our move by installing a new dish on top of the house and reconnected our existing receiver.  In the original install, we ordered 2 receivers to work 4 tv's but only received 1 due to the fact that our other tv's were in storage.  The moving guys from Dish Network instructed me to buy a receiver and have them install it.  Otay but after 2 weeks of research and countless hours on hold with customer service, I finally had enough of the run around.
Chick says, "I'm sorry Mrs. Semones but the only way for you to get another receiver, you have to pay $99.99 for the receiver and $49 an hour for labor to install it and if you don't have the proper switch, you'll have to pay to replace that also and all together it would be over $300."

"Do fucking what?  Thank you for your time but I'd like to speak to your supervisor please.  Now.  Thank you." I reply.

"This is Sandra, floor manager, our representative was not able to help you and the reason is because you have to buy additional equipment unless you want to wait a year, then we will provide equipment, installation and service package for only $5 extra each month," said Supervisor #1.

"Okay, thank you for your time but I'd like to speak to your supervisor please.  Now.  Thank you." I replied.

*on hold for 17 minutes*

"This is Stewart, Account Supervisor --," is all he was able to say.

"Yeah well this is Mrs. Semones and if I don't get another receiver, installation, service package and any additional equipment for only $5 extra each month, I'm going to rip your fucking head off,"  I said in a dark tone and strong voice.  You have 5 minutes to do it."

"Please hold," said Stewart."

"Hi Mrs. Semones, I'm Michael in the Accounts Executive Office and you have been transferred to me.  I have been told about your situation and I'm looking for the next available installation date.  *short pause*  This Friday at 2 o'clock pm sound ok?"  Finally I was getting somewhere!

"Yes, great!" I was obviously pleased.

"Okay, all set then and all that you will be billed is $5 extra each month on your service bill," said Michael.

"Wonderful, thank you." 


~~very please Dish Network customer *laugh*

i need energy

I just realized that my entries for the weekend are not on my blog so I went looking for them.  Apparently, I've saved them and not published them.  I will blame this on being completely and totally exhausted.  As much as I like posting at night, after the kids are all tucked into their beds, I think that it would be best to start posting in the mornings, before the kids wake.  Since I haven't published the weekend events, I've reread them and I can barely follow the scattered thoughts and mumblings. *laugh* So for now I will post in the mornings, when my brain is fresh and my fingers are rested.

~~more to come

Thursday, July 15, 2004
bob and me...

*whistling the theme song for Enzyte*  I hope you all have had the opportunity to see the Enzyte commercial featuring Bob, especially the one that makes reference to wood.  I feel exactly like Bob, not in that I took a pill and it enabled me to get ass, but that I don't have a complete understanding of my wood.  My wood consists of my hardwood floors, brand new and shiny - or they were.  Now that everything is unpacked and in a place, my house was looking messy.  Messy like I hoped no one would drop by messy.  After looking at it with my blurry morning eyes, I decided to clean up the mess.
I started cleaning in the big living room, fondly called the "adult space."  I straightened the covers on the sofa and chair, then dusted and picked all of the toys up, delivering them to Isaac's toy box in his room.  I finished up by putting all of the glasses that my company used in the kitchen to be washed.  Since I said that I have to ask, why can't people use the same glass over and over?  Why must they use a different glass every single time that they get something to drink?  Anyways, after the clutter was cleared and everything was in its place, I noticed that the floor wasn't shining as much as it should so I set out to clean, for the very first time, my brand new hardwood floors.  I sat down the the pamphlet that was left by the installers and read each panel carefully.  I learned that with my particular hardwood, that you should never wax it, sweep it daily and use a special cleanser by lightly spraying it on an 8ft x 8ft section and then use a special tool to wipe it up.  This will keep the "luster."   
Newly educated, I set out to find the special cleanser and tool to use and I actually found it in the place that it was supposed to be *go me!*.  I used the stingy mop to "sweep" up everything, then cleaned the floor as directed by the pamphlet.  It totally worked but it took me all day to do 2 rooms of the house!  I am now thinking 'why did I so want hardwood floors?' because I didn't know how much more work they are than carpet.  Sure, the spills are easier but sweeping everyday doesn't enthuse me at all.  I will have to sweep daily due to the fact that I can't stand a mess.
I did manage to get the kitchen completely cleaned up today though.  It didn't take long, except for the floor *lol* which oddly enough is NOT hardwood.  It is the linoleum stuff.  I would have to guess that the reason it took so long is because someone, I'm thinking hubby, tried to sweep the walkways after they mowed Tuesday and decided that it wasn't a good idea, and left grass in my broom.  Everytime I thought I had the floor swept good enough, grass would be all over the place.  I ended up sweeping, mopping, sweeping again and mopping again.  I've never been accused of taking the easy route!
My accomplishments don't seem that much to me today.  The "front" of the house is clean, spotless really.  However, I haven't mentioned the visitors, family, extra kid, teething pain of infant and breast duties.  I could go into it but I'm sure that you're not in any hurry to see a description of my nipples so I will skip this for today. *lol*  In short, the kids are happy, the house is half way spotless, the family is content and I am one tired Momma.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
i've lost my hump...

I do not know where my day has gone,
But I'm glad it is not the only one.
Thankfully a week means seven,
And counting isn't required in heaven.
I can't remember what I did today,
hopefully I had nothing to pay.
It saddens me to have missed it all,
for if nothing else my memory will fall.
I wonder where my hump day went,
and how much money that I spent.
What I did and what I saw,
 and how I dealt with it all.
Perhaps I will remember tomorrow,
but then again I still feel sorrow.
Today is that day and I can't recall,
what my hump day was like at all.
~~ a me original

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
teeth, nipples, aches and frustrations...

The new day brought many more additions to the obvious moving situation. The house is in fairly good order due in part to my loving husband.

Nicholas is almost 3 months old now and is beginning to teeth. His gums are swollen and red, poor baby. As a result of this, he finds gnawing on my nipples soothing and tries to do so often. This gnawing is very painful and requires me to pull him off of my breast, hear him scream, explain "no no", give him the breast back and the cycle repeats. I've consulted my online source for breastfeeding how-to's, La Leche League, for a solution to the biting problem and found that children can not bite if they are truly sucking because of the position of their tongue. Interesting stuff right? Tomorrow I have a plan to breastfeed as usual but try to sooth his gums before and after with a cold washcloths. Hopefully this will solve both of our problems - his gums and my sore nipples.

The screaming of your own child when he/she is in pain is truly painful. Especially when you slept wrong the night before and your neck is stiff and causing a headache. I've taken tylenol and received no relief. I am convinced that a good night rest will help me with this headache. Should it not be gone by tomorrow, a quick visit to my chiropractor will definitely get the job done.

As I stated above, the house is looking better but now it requires daily maintenance to keep its beauty. Tomorrow I look forward to sweeping all of the hardwood floors, toilets, shower, emptying trash cans and the list goes on but it is of the basic domestic goddess variety.

~~waiting for Calgon to take me away

Monday, July 12, 2004
"when you're smiling"...

When you're smiling, keep on smiling,
The whole wide world will smile with you;
And when you're laughing (ha, ha, ha, ha!), keep on laughing (ha, ha),
You'll find the sun will come shining through!

But when you're crying (boo-hoo), you bring on the rain;
Stop your sighing and be happy again.
When you're smiling, keep on smiling,
The whole wide world will smile with you!

I am sitting here listening to Dean Martin's version of "When you're smiling" on my Windows Media Player. His voice is like velvet. I unpacked and unpacked and unpacked some more today. I'm exhausted and find myself sitting here debating a cigarette before bedtime. Half of me needs the minty refreshment and the other half doesn't want to move to get it.


Sunday, July 11, 2004
and then there were neighbors

Perhaps my old place spoiled me -- it was 1 mile from anyone. We didn't have any neighbors close enough to visit or interested enough in us to visit -- either way I was completely happy about this fact.

Now, however, we live 1 mile from city limits. This means that we have neighbors so close that I can see their faces if they were to stand in their own front yards. I am not at all happy about this. I am not sure why other than the fact that most people assume that neighbors are best friends and bend over backwards to help each other out. These are the same people the invite their neighbors to family gatherings, cook-outs, celebrations of sorts and other general crap that I have no interest in.
"Okay, you're my neighbor but that doesn't mean your dog can shit in my yard." I said.

Of course it was in response to my *right* neighbor as she walked her dog from her front porch, out of her yard, into my yard, where it proceeded to leave a huge, wet, stinky pile of shit. It was proceeded by,
"The first time I step in dogshit, I'm coming to your ass!"

I know, I know. I'm not the neighbor that most would want but show me a handbook that says I should be okay with a huge pile of dogshit in my front yard left by my neighbors dog.

The lady with the dog isn't half as bad as her husband/boyfriend/son. I'm not sure who he is to her, nor do I care, but this dude has a peeping problem. Our new bathroom, located on the *right* side of the house, has a fairly large window to peer from while you do bathroomly duties. Several times now I have caught this male peeping into my window -- from his yard -- to see what I am doing. I think I'll make signs as follows:
"Taking a shit"
"Got any toilet paper? I'll give it back!"
"In the shower : viewing NOT recommended"
"I'm constipated!"
"Ew, it smells awful in here"
"Damn, can you see the hair on my legs from there?"

A little harsh, I admit, but usually what people do in a bathroom requires the utmost privacy. I'll let you know what his reactions are. *laugh*

The neighbors on the *left* side haven't even bothered to notice that we are here and I'm extremely happy about that. I already like them because they are too busy in their own life to look in my window at ours.

~~neighborly sign maker

Saturday, July 10, 2004
the joys of moving

I am thinking that I feel pitty for the horse caretakers of the world for now I know what it is to push shit all day.

For the record, moving sucks. My moving experience has been a very stressful one. I'm glad that I didn't have internet access to write about it. Finally everything is out of the old house and into the new one. The move took so long due to a couple of factors, one of which was that my hubby only got to help me for one day and part of a night. He and one of my cousins moved all of the furniture in hat time. They finally finished at 2:30am and Tim went to bed for a couple of hours before he had to go to work at 4:30am. It sucked for him and for me because that left everything but furniture to be moved. *blah* Another reason it took so long is because we tried to place everything in its place before going to get another load. Yes, we moved the entire contents of our home in a Toyota pick-up *thanks Mom*. It only took a day of this for my ends to be completely frazzled. It really doesn't take much to get me fired up completely, including an attitude. The final reason was that the help wasn't exactly free-thinking. I appreciate the help but damn, if someone is going to have to stand over other adults and lead them hand to mouth on everything, stay home.

Anyways, I am now in my new new house and Hima, as soon as I get everything placed, I will surely take pictures and share the beauty. My hubby will be home tomorrow and if we can get everything squared away while he is home, we're going to have a bar-b-que and will be inviting all of our closest friends -- next weekend when he is home.

~~pray for my sanity

Tuesday, July 06, 2004
dreams, nightmares and reality

My dream was for us to own our home. With no current credit and no 20% deposit, I thought that we would be renting for forever. My dream came true.

My nightmare is having to move all our stuff one last time. Especially in this time of year, when I'm feeling especially gooey, now I have to pack all of the things that cause this gooey feeling up and see it again when it is unpacked.

Thankfully, the reality is that our dream has come true and once I chase the monsters from under the beds, they will be homeless while my happy little family enjoys the good life in a brick, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, large kitchen, den, dining room, living room, full basement, paved driveway, hardwood floored house.

Oh and for those that read my blog faithfully, I got THE house. THE being the one that I wanted :D

For now, I have no time to blog. I will have plenty of adventures to share once I have moved.

~~following my dream

Saturday, July 03, 2004
family day

I usually dread holidays, all of them, but it gets me excited to see the kids excited. Today they were really excited for a number of reasons. First of all, daddy came home from work this morning at 8:00AM. I packed the kids up early and we headed to get daddy with a coffee in hand. The "daddy song" was sang all of the way to get Daddy. As we pulled in the driveway at home, I was reminded that we had to go to Grandma's. Off we go, to Grandma's before we ever got the chance to get out of the car. I went in the house and Tim went to help my Dad work on my Mom's vehicle. The better part of the morning was spent this way. I was surprised when my Aunt from South Carolina came in but I was happy to see her and her dog, Sammy. I started getting a little antsy because I don't like people and suddenly my Mom's house was full of people. Including everyone there were 7 adults, 3 kids, 4 cats and a dog, it was time for me to go home. Since Nicholas was asleep on Mom's bed and we only live 10 minutes away, I left him there long enough for Tim, Isaac and me to come home, change and get ready to go to the cookout. I was torn between wanting to go and dreading the people. We rushed back to Mom's, got Nicholas and headed for the cookout. Thankfully, my Mom was driving her vehicle with my dad, my aunt, my cousin and his wife and Austin. She is easier to follow than my dad.

It takes a good 45 minutes to get to the other side of the mountain were the cookout was. It is a bunch of country folk, flat footing, horse shoes, eating and a touch of drinking were seen just about everywhere you looked. Strangers treating strangers like family, kids getting along and running wild in the huge yard -- that's how it is in the mountains. It had rained an inch before we got there and the fog was settling into the valley, it was truely beautiful. The food was excellent and no one clinged to me, Isaac was behaving and Tim was happy.

The fireworks this year were a sight to see. The fog in the valley made the perfect blanket. As the fireworks went up and exploded, the fog would catch the color and held it until the next firework went off. I do not think that I've ever seen fireworks like that nor will I see fireworks that ever match that beauty. I am glad that my family and friends were around to see them.

~~not independent and happy about that

Friday, July 02, 2004
manic friday

I really do hate Fridays. I feel rushed, have to be around people and have to give those people money *laugh*. The good news is that our account is looking juicy after the normal bill pay. It has been many moons since we had extra money after payment of the bills and expenses of living WooHoo for us! So life is good. The kids are happy, hubby will be home tomorrow, money in the account, full tank of gas and I have smokes. The only thing that could be better is if *dreamy look in eyes* my maid, Maria, would get off of her ass and clean my house up! I'm kinda glad we don't have a maid though. I would hate to know that someone else picked up my mess everyday. It would be groovy to have someone else be responsible for changing the litter box though. Whew, Murphy has a skanky ass.

~~happily tired

Thursday, July 01, 2004
i'm human, damn it!

First a little history...
My husband and I owned a home once. We moved in right before the birth of our first child, Audrey, on July 28, 1999. Life was great for a little while but then our whole world fell apart. Audrey passed away at 2 months and 27 days (October 24, 1999). I hated life. I had no desire to live or to do anything but be zombiefied for almost a year. Then I got pregnant with Isaac and refused to get attached to him -- that went straight out the window as soon as I saw his sweet face(June 22, 2001). Life was good again, until Audrey's birth and death dates came around. Its like I always had an itch that I couldn't scratch --something in the background digging away at my person. Tim and I went through hell and high water. I couldn't deal with it anymore and left -- thinking that I was just completely nuts and there was no hope for me or us. It turns out that as soon as I was free from that house, I was fine, so it is gone -- Tim and I have been happily renting for awhile now and fine with the whole thing.

Recently, I've been missing something. Ya know the feeling like you haven't done something that you need to do. Tim and I communicate every feeling every day so that we stay on the same wave length -- we have learned this is the best way to keep me from going insane again. He has been trying to help me figure out what it is. So we were driving about a month ago and saw a "For Sale" sign in the front yard of a pretty house. It dawned on me that I have my family - hubby, kids, cat -, everything for a house but it is all incomplete because the house that we live in is not OURS. I turn to him and tell him that it is time for us to have a house again - our own house. He blinked a few times, agreed and ask me how we should get started. A couple of days later, our landlord's daughter tells us that our landlord has broken her hip again and when she goes into the nursing home full time, the house will be transferred into her eldest son's name and he plans on flatting this house to make way for a hay field -- great news right? *laugh* The very next day, I find a realestate agent and begin the search for a house. We have looked a few houses but nothing really jumped at us, until today...

One day last week, when we went grocery shopping, I noticed that the same house that made me realize that I needed permanency in shelter was still for sale. I wrote the number down and had forgotten all about it until today. I called, left a message and expected not to hear from the owners because Isaac was "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mooooooooooooooommy" and Nicholas was "waaa waaaa waaaa *hiccup* waaaaaaaa waaaa" the entire time that I left the message. A chick called me this evening, informs me that she got the message and was returning my call about this house. We discussed a few things and arranged to meet at the house at a specific time so that I could see the inside of it.

Holy shit! First of all, after I parked and got the kids out, I looked back at the car and it looked totally like it belonged there. Then I go inside and it is empty. I blink a couple of times and suddenly I can see our crap in it! I wiped my eyes and the visions went away but it totally freaked me out. I told the woman that I could see our things in this house and she smiled really big after saying, "Well, that's important."

This is the house that I want. It is in excellent condition, a great area, awesome view, only requires a fence to be completely safe for the kids and it is the right price. Tim is working and he needs to see the house. I almost can't wait until Monday. I know that Tim will love it.

I try not to get emotional about anything. I've stripped my life of all bullshit causing agents and prefer it simple. I have learned that simplicity works for me and my sanity but I can't help getting excited about this house.

~~cross your fingers

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