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the life of a mother with youth

Saturday, June 26, 2004
tornados, swollen parts, a love shack and a bulge...

My house...
If you have never changed a child's diaper when his ass exploded and you looked at the child and pondered where to start, then you will not be able to comprehend the current condition of my house. I gave up on chores today and sat down with my kids and played all day. It was fairly decent when my dad came this morning to pick up Austin but progressively got worse throughout the play periods. There are legos in the silverware drawer, crayons in the bathtub, matchbox cars in the formation of a rug in the middle of the living room floor, all of the fitted covers on the couch and chairs are either hanging off of its particular piece or abstractly placed over it. I noticed a few dust bunnies today and ordered them out. If they aren't gone by morning, I will charge them rent. The kitchen sink still has the baby bathtub in it, the counters are covered with a collage of construction paper and old pictures, there is a pot of "afbet soop" (clean pot with foam letters in it) in the kitchen floor. I had to wade through the toys on the floor of Isaac's room to tuck him in and decided to make a path on my way out. Hubby will be home in the morning and when he arrives, the house will be perfectly placed....on the outside *grin* I will enlist Isaac to help me in the morning and the inside will be almost perfect.

Poor baby...
Nicholas' little legs and right arm were swollen today. This is a natural reaction to immunization shots. He's been more of a cuddle baby today than ever before. I love the way he can't get close enough. Please don't tell my husband that I enjoy cuddling, if you ask him now he'd say that I do not cuddle. *laughs* I've let him believe this for years due to the fact that cuddling leads to sex and when I want it, I want it, when I don't, I don't. I just realized that I put my infant and sex in the same paragraph, I swear I'm not a perv.

Camping, without a camp...
My cousin and his brand new wife came for a visit. Sex was vetoed in the room that they were to sleep in so the smartass brought a tent to set up in the yard. If you're in Mayberry and hear moaning and groaning, its not the wind. This is yet another example of a man and his problem solving abilities. I can see God now after he made man, I bet his first thought was, "oh damn I messed that one up, let me try that again - this time with a fully functional brain, a nicer shape oh and breasts!" Afterwards he must have been exhausted but decided to stop after creating perfection. Afterall, we were the last thing he made before he rested. Women are more solid than the earth, more beautiful than nature and smarter than men. *laugh*

Isaac's bulge...
Tim and I cut Isaac's hair last week when Tim was home. It turned out really cute but we found a tick, that had latched on. It completely freaked me out. I went to get tweezers to pull it out and when I came back, hubby had already taken it out and burned it alive. So I've been watching him closely to make sure he doesn't change physically, mentally or socially. He developed a knot-like-bulge on the back/side of his neck. I ask the doctor about it yesterday and she told me that all was groovy and to make sure to check it and told me what to look for. It hasn't changed so we're all good!

Last night I dreamed that I was the designer of a steering wheel for a car. Imagine that! I went through trial and error but ended up with a steering wheel that I'd love to own myself. Instead of a horn, it had 6 small buttons - 3 on each side of the middle part of the wheel. When pressed this is what the car did...
1 - said, "fuck you"
2 - said, "what the hell are you doing?"
3 - said, "that's it, I'm calling the cops"
4 - said, "pull over and I'll whip your ass"
5 - said, "where did you get your license?"
6 - said, "I hope you have insurance"



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