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the life of a mother with youth

Thursday, June 24, 2004
is that a bird? a plane? NO, its a...

SUPER MOM! is tuckered out! After staying up way too late, getting up early -- as usual -- and an eventful day, I'm plum pooped!

After the caffeine iv...
While Nicholas slept, I cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, living room and Isaac's room to a sparkling shine. I gave the boys (Austin and Isaac) cereal and stopped to enjoy a cup o joe and another smoke. Nicholas must have a "mom has sat down" alarm because it never fails, 3/4 through a cup and a smoke -- he wakes up starving. I fed him and put him in the swing while I finished the floors.

Then came the Potty Goddess...
Teaching a boy how to potty when you can't stand up and he shouldn't sit down has become quite a challenge. Timing is a definate must as well. So I've got this whole thing figured out! While Austin, 7 year old brother, is here I'll have him go to the bathroom with Isaac (under my supervision of course.) This way, Isaac gets technique down. For fewer "accidents", I've figured out that the commercials come on a regular basis every 15 minutes or so. Austin, Isaac and I promptly go to the potty each and every commercial break on Nick Jr. The only reward I will give is a hug and a kiss -- no candy in this house! Wish me luck.

Taming the Food Lion...
I ask Isaac and Austin, "what would you like for dinner?" They looked at eachother as if they had just been discussing it and Isaac replied, "NACHOS!" with such enthusiasm. I agreed with a little less excitement because we didn't have the ingredients for NACHOS! It was off to the grocery store for us. I forgot the list. Isaac went into a cart and didn't like it very much but Austin offered to push him so that made things better. Nicholas was in the stroller and away we went, to tame the Food Lion. Down each and every isle, I told Austin what to get, Austin gave the things that we needed to Isaac who gave a thorough investigation to each item and dropped it into the basket. We were a finely tuned family unit. That is until we reached the cookie isle. I refused to get Oreos and Isaac began screaming, "but you promised!" Recalling my promises for the day, I couldn't remember that promise. Austin then informed me that I promised them that we would make Mississippi Mud Cups. I immediately instructed Austin to get the double stuffed ones. Isaac was again happy but now Nicholas was awake and about to get angry if he didn't get his titty soon. We completed the trip and no one got hurt - woohoo!!! Score: 1 us 0 timeout

YES! I finally reached the pinnacle of my day. At 7:30pm every night, my house deeply sighs a sigh of relief. This is the time that Isaac goes for his bath, Nicholas is in his swing asleep and the cat is full from dinner. After Isaac's bath it is teeth, ear and hair time then clothes, baby, blanket, story and bed! Isaac is done by 8:00pm and if my timing is right on, Nicholas is just waking up as I am walking back into the kitchen (where Nicholas' swing is.) Then Nicholas and I go through his bath ritual, the machine is turned on and plugged in and he cuddling, suckling happily on my boobs until 9:25pm. By 9:30pm, all kids are asleep and I'm exhausted.

Now for Happy Hour...
Between 9:30pm and 10:30pm, I have ME time. I sip my tea and smoke my smokes and usually play on the computer.

~~Here I am!


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