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Wednesday, June 30, 2004
hump day

I set out to find the official meaning "hump day" and why it is called so. I found that no one really knows who called it this first or why but assume that the person was either a really big perv or hated their life so much that they decided that Wens. was the middle of the week and if they had made it that far, Thurs. and Fri. would be ok too. I don't really know BUT, "hump day" for me is EVERYDAY!

To me, "hump day" is any day that I put the kids in the car. This means that I will have to "hump" to get them ready on time, I will have to double "hump" to make sure my shoes match, "humping" the diaper bag, apnea monitor, Nicholas in his car seat (23lbs all together) and Isaac by 1 arm to the car. Then I make a "hump" sound as I lift each into my Kia Sportage 4x4. Finally I make more "hump" noises as I buckle each child in. FINALLY! It is my professional opinion, as a mom, that "hump day" was created by a mother who experienced a similar experience on a daily basis. Perhaps the reason that it is tagged onto a specific day is because back when people did things for the first time (1800's), there wasn't the convience of auto anything and "going to town day" was on Wens. Makes sense to me.

Now that you see my way of logic, are you scared? if so, for who are you scared? *laugh*


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