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the life of a mother with youth

Thursday, June 24, 2004
hooked on more than a feeling

I can not believe I've been messing with this blog thing in every spare second that I've had today and now it is cutting into my sleep time. HELP! I need aa for blogging!

In other news...

The kitchen timer is about worn out due to 15 minute repeated settings all day long to remind me to remind Isaac to potty. lol

Diaper duty was cut in half today as a result of the kitchen timer.

My nipples are still sore and red. Extensive web searching paid off though. Lactating Experts say that they are caused by positioning problems. Off goes the pillow that I use to prop on while I'm feeding, so much for saving the arms!

Murphy (the cat) is still terribly upset that he can not go outside and roll in the mud puddles or run through the hay field and get stickers in his long fur. He cusses me every time I enter a room and refuses to let me pet him. We'll see how long this lasts though, I plan to fight back with the "no rub, no food" tactic. Eventually, he'll press his fat ass against my leg to remind me to feed him.

Did I mention that I hate change? I absolutely loath it! It causes me to have to go around to my elbow to get to my ass but it makes me more comfortable when I don't have to go through a change. I'm sure there is a term out there for this. It's probably closely related to people problem that I have. It can be blamed for everything that takes me longer to do, things I don't do and the things I will accidently forget to do tomorrow -- err today.

--Blogger Freakazoid


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