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the life of a mother with youth

Tuesday, June 29, 2004
the family co-op

I've had one of those busy days where nothing is accomplished. It started atypically. My husband went to work 12 hours earlier. This meant that the kids had to be woke up early. Kids are not happy when they are woke up early to be rushed out the door to take their favorite person to work. Nicholas was like, "um, where's my titty?" and Isaac was generally pissed -- he didn't get his coffee. In the rush of the morning, Daddy forgot half of the things that he needed for the week, including his pillow -- poor baby. Isaac got in a better mood when he got to play in Daddy's "beg fruck." Somehow the kids always make my day completely better, this happened several times today.

The first "better" was after we left Daddy at work. Nicholas was very unhappy at this unscheduled morning trip and was literally screaming. Isaac bent over his car seat and under the canopy of Nicholas' and said, "its otay bankie, daddy at work nda beg fruck n momma gonna go to grammas and her'll give me a cukie." I don't know if it was Isaac talking to Nicholas or the fact that Nicholas was wondering .oO well, don't I get a cookie? Oo. Needless to say, it worked and Nicholas happily chewed on his strap covers on the way to Grandma's.

The next "better" was at Grandma's. Austin and Isaac were fussing over something, I can't remember now, but Isaac was very upset. He wanted me to kiss it and make it better but I had my arms full of Nicholas administering a very needed dose of titty. Breastfeeding relaxes me to the point that I could go to sleep, so to Isaac, I was probably looking like I was ignoring him. Isaac then tells his brother, "bankie, *jibber* *jabber* *more jibber and jabber*." Nicholas then stops sucking, Isaac leans down and Nicholas gnaws Isaac's nose. Isaac was better, Nicholas was confused and I almost wet myself laughing.

The final "better" takes a little more explaining but I'll try my best to keep it short for your reading pleasure. Nicholas loves his bath. He would stay in water if I'd let him but obviously I can't do that. Every night I put him in his baby bathtub in the kitchen sink. We splash, coo and have a great time making faces at each other while I wash him. The whole experience is relaxing with the exception of the removal of Nicholas from the tub and until he is wrapped in his blanket, getting titty and going to sleep. So, I take him out of the tub and he starts crying. I lay him on his belly to rub lotion on his back and bum and he is crying. Flip him over and rub the rest of his body in lotion, he is crying. Dress him, he's crying, brush his hair, he's still crying, clean his ears, yep, you guessed it -- still crying and brush his gums, he get quiet for this. Let me remind you that I do this every night and Isaac is usually already in the bed and asleep throughout the experience. Tonight, for some reason, Isaac gets out of the bed, comes into the kitchen and talks to Nicholas as I'm rubbing him down. Isaac starts patting Nicholas' head, as if he were a puppy, saying, "its otay bankie." This instantly soothes Nicholas. He is quiet. I must say that it is much easier to dress an infant if they are not upset. When I had Nicholas completed and as I looked down at Isaac to tell him thank you but to get back in the bed, Isaac looks at me and says, "der ya go april, bankie all better and I go night night but I need tea." I couldn't help but laugh again. Isaac held his empty sippy cup the entire time he soothed Nicholas. I laid Nicholas in his crib long enough to fix Isaac a fresh sippy cup of milk, usually Nicholas could be heard for 4 counties screaming but not tonight. He gave Isaac and I the same patience that Isaac just showed him. I was able to get Isaac's milk, put Isaac in the bed, tuck him in, give him kisses 3 times and return to my bedroom to get Nicholas and he was quiet the whole time, laying there completely content.

This is just one more example at how great kids, life and the combination of both can be.


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