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Friday, June 25, 2004
drinking, driving, needles and racing

The kids and I spent our fair share of time in the car today. I live in the country, naturally country music is the only available -- unless you love the goldies *lol* So we are listening to 104.1 WTQR. We are singing along and then the whiskey songs came! "whiskey woman" "whiskey lullabye" I have to admit that my favorite drink, when I drink (rarely), is whiskey but why play them back to back? It was a random thought that made me stop and think -- it hurt!

Onto the kids...
Isaac ordered "cake sticks and cake juice" for breakfest. For those of you that do not speak toddler, he really wanted french toast sticks and syrup. When I ask, "and to drink?" he answered, "tea". I know you're thinking .oO NO WAY! Oo. Seriously, he wanted coffee. The kid is a bigger coffee freak than I am and is twice as horrible to deal with if he doesn't get it in the morning. Austin had milk with his "sticks n juice". Nicholas had titty with a titty chaser.

Toddler Coffee Recipe
1 leakproof cup

fill leakproof cup half full with coffee, add milk to rim


Next we had a race, a dressing race. Can Austin dress himself faster than I can dress Isaac? The prize was control over the remote. I wish there was a way to put you guys in Isaac's room while we do this, it really is hilarious. Isaac and I always lose, partly because he gets coffee before we get dressed. Austin is convinced that he is faster than Superman. After brushing our "teefers" we were whisked away in the land of Spongebob Squarepants. I will not go off on this subject at this time but it will come soon! While the kids watched Spongedork and Nicholas slept, I cleaned the kitchen, gathered the trash, cleaned the floors and straightened the bathroom -- you know, all of that fancy domestic engineering stuff.

Before I knew it, it was time for lunch. Once again I turned to the boys for advice and recieved, "wurms and tea" as an answer, from Isaac. Loosely translated "wurms" are really "Ramen Noodles" and "tea" meant "koolaid". Austin agreed to Isaac's suggestion and so it was, wurms and tea, for lunch. Both of them ate well. Nicholas had titty with titty on the side.

You'd think it was naptime by now -- as if! Austin is, "too old" and Isaac follows Austin's lead. So I command them to what I call, "whisper mode", which is quiet time where they don't go to sleep but lay down for 30 minutes. This gave me enough time to get ready myself. I don't wear make-up, putting animal fat on my face isn't my idea of pretty. My hair is long (way down back but not over the bubble), red, curly and thick so I don't even bother trying to tame it. Basically, I used this time to find something decent to cover the large thing that follows me around, ass I think it is called. I ended up with a nice little rig that was comfortable but going through dresser drawers always reminds me of how large birthing children will cause your ass to be. I won't mention the floppy or solid fat parts, at this point.
Note to self: describe "baby fat" in future blog

A the day races forward...
After lunch, I packed the diaper bag with Nicholas on my hip and tit, Isaac on my heels and Austin begging for chocolate milk. FINALLY we made it to the car, where Isaac just HAD to strap hisself in ~ loss of 5 minutes there ~ which was all good because I had trash to load, kids to cram and where the hell did I put the keys? Driving carefully from point A to point B, then to point C, right before point D and coming to a halt at point E, we made our way through my errands and had arrived safely at the dr's office.

Nicholas got his 2 month check-up today. As if the doctor poking and proding wasn't enough, he also recieved 5 shots. Poor baby got 2 in each leg and 1 in his right arm. I'm worried but I won't go into it at this time -- this post is too long already.


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