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the life of a mother with youth

Monday, June 28, 2004
blowing my own horn...

I've has the opportunity to witness a young lady recently. This chick is younger than I am in many ways. When I was her age we had a few things in common: new relationship with an older man, "married" life, being confused about everything, not knowing anything and not really making any plans for the future. I really want to help this chick out, by taking her under my wing and teaching her things before she has a life altering occurance happen and HAS to learn them. It all made me think about how I became the person I am and why I decided to take the paths that I did. *plays "Memory"*

Living 101:

#1 - DO NOT have children before you have fed, sheltered and clothed yourself for atleast 5 years completely on your own. Sure, family will help if they have to but trust me, they don't want to.

#2 - DO NOT assume things. Always ask questions. It is better to bug the hell outta whoever is teaching you than to assume and really fuck up.

#3 - DO NOT finance used cars from anyone other than a dealer with a large company name in it. Ex: Ford, Chevy, Buick, Dodge.... You have to have full coverage insurance and the greatest number of used cars NOT on larger company dealer lots are pieces of shit and will cost you more than you want to pay.

#4 - ALWAYS write out contracts. Verbal contracts are useless. This rule even goes for family members. Family is blood and it is thicker than water -- until it comes to money. Business is business and if you don't cover your ass, no one will.

#5 - DO NOT loan anything that you can't replace. This includes money.

#6 - Accept that NO one, even you, is perfect. This will make dealing with people that have to be in your life easier to deal with.

#7 - Be fair at all cost. Situations will vary but always be fair to yourself or others involved. This rule may hurt the worst now but will pay off in the long haul of life.

#8 - ALWAYS respect elders. I know they look funny, smell wicked, forget to put their teeth in and tell the same stories over but they will tell you more rules to help your quest in life.

There are more rules to life but following the advice of these eight will certainly keep your pocket fuller, your mind at ease, your sanity in tact and outbursts of bullshit to a minimum.

~~living and loving it


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